Anode Products has been supplying the metal finishing industry since 1947. Our founder, Sherwood “Slim” Rickert, saw a need for someone to supply anode bags quickly to the multitude of electroplating shops that sprung up in Chicago after WWII.

Working out of his basement he started Anode products. Employing some of the industrious neighborhood women along with the required machines and equipment, they began producing anode bags 5 days a week and it’s continued for over 70 years.

Slim-Line filter circa 1963

In 1963 Slim used his years of experience as a salesman for a large filter manufacturer, to design a simple rugged filter. SlimLine was born. With a complete range of capacities, our filtration systems have been getting the job done for generations. Competitively priced and manufactured in the USA, Slim-Line filters have set the standard for affordable and reliable filtration of electroplating solutions.

Family owned and operated for three generations one thing remains the same. Every product is built with the finest components to meet specific industry needs, always stressing superior workmanship, and fast efficient service. Our filtration equipment, while designed primarily for the electroplating industry, is adaptable to other applications.

Anode Products is happy to be celebrating over 70 years in business!

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