LI’L Guy

High Quality & Rugged Portability at An Economical Price

Introduced in 1990 our LI’L GUY filter Systems immediately became proven workhorses, durable, horizontal disc plate, pre coated filter systems that provide superior filtration at an economical cost.

Corrosion resistant to most chemicals, this effective filtration method ensures a stabilized filter cake and continuous carbon treatment for the complete removal of organic and inorganic impurities.

Models achieve flow rates ranging from 2,000 GPH with 11 sq. ft. of filter area up to 6,000 GPH with 39 sq. ft. of filter area. These high flow rates are achieved through efficient filter plate design. Cleaning is fast and simple with float-to-the-surface horizontal disc filter plates for quick removal. Minimal maintenance means minimal downtime. There are no expensive cartridges to buy or discard.

All Li’l Guy Filter Systems are complete for immediate installation and operation. Each compact durable system has a rubber-lined steel filter chamber, polypropylene slurry tank, Premium Inno Mag U-Mag pump, double suction and discharge mounted on a corrosion resistant polypropylene/FRP I-beam base plate.

Filter ModelLG 12-36LG 24-26LG 24-36
Overall Dimensions (Width)24"39"42"
Overall Dimensions (Length)48"76"86"
Overall Dimensions (Height)
Net Weight:800#1000#1100#
Suction Port:1.5"1.5"1.5"
Discharge Port:1"1.5"1.5"
Max Open Flow Rate:2,5004,5006,500
Max Pre Coated Flow Rate:2,0004,0006,000
Filter Area:11.522.7538.75
Number of Filter Plates:21 (10")10 (22")16 (22")
Filter Aid Capacity: 3o/z sq ft2.25#4.2#7.1#
Carbon Capacity: 1/2 oz sq ft.75#1#1.25#
Filter Media:*(21) 10" Dia(10) 20.5" Dia(16) 20.5" Dia
* Number of media varies with micron rating