Anode Bags

Anode Products have been making high-quality anode bags for the electroplating industry for over 70 years. During that time we have strived to provide the highest quality anode bags quickly and economically. We can help with any special requests, troubleshoot problems and provide solutions.

Anodes and baskets should be fitted with bags to prevent metal fines or metal residues from entering the electroplating solution. Poly nap and Polypropylene are widely used for anode bag because of its durability. However, other fabrics including cotton and other synthetics are also used successfully. We carry a complete line of materials for quick delivery.

Anode Bags that Keep sludge in the bag…not in your bath! Almost all electroplating solutions require anode bags; chances are we’ve already made your size and shape to fit a particular problem in the past. We make affordable, quality anode bags of various fabrics to fit your anode bag requirements.

General description: Fabric bag made from material compatible with the application intended. Open on one side to accept the anode or basket. Tie cords are sewn into the opening to attach the bag to the anode or basket hook.

General use: Bagging of Electroplating/Refining anodes and baskets.

Function: Anode bags act as a filter to prevent small metal fines and impurities that develop during the electroplating process from entering the plating solution. They act as a container that allows metal fines generated to receive anodic current and dissolve.

Quality bags that last

We source almost all our Industrial quality fabrics right here in the US wherever possible.

Only top quality braided Polypropylene cord is used.

Premium #69 100% Polypropylene thread.

All fabrics are inspected during the cloth laying process for correct material, visual defects along with thickness checks if suspect. All cordage & thread used are tested for correct material and diameter/weight.

All Draw pockets and tie strings are sewn using a double-needle locks titch machine. This two-seam approach ensures the draw & tie strings remain firmly attached.

The bag is closed using a 5 thread over lock with safety stitch producing the highest quality seam available.

Each bag is then trimmed of any excess threads and inspected for correct size and defects prior to shipping.

Our skilled personnel take great pride in the product they produce.

All our anode bags are made to order due to the incredible number of sizes, materials and options.

We can quickly supply with in stock fabrics. Anode bags made from single layer, double layer, withdraw string only, tie strings only. Drawstring & tie strings, mid bag ties, extra long ties or draw strings, rubber bottom, rubber top, double bottom, Velcro closures. If you have a special request we can accommodate your needs. We have an extensive stock of industrial fabrics in house at all times. The fabrics listed are stock items. If you don’t see a fabric you need, we can try to source it from our many vendors*. We also stock PP cordage in many colors White is standard, but we carry Black, Brown, Yellow, Blue, & Red.

Standard anode bags are flat but there are different options available** flat/boxed bottom, Velcro closer flaps, round, semi round or torus 3d bags. Heat sealed slits for basket tabs.


Rubber Bottom. “Crap Trap”

Rubber top.

Double bottoms.

Side Ties,

Colored draw & tie cords.

Velcro closure flaps.

3D Bags.

Boxed bottom bags.

Round and semi round bags.

*Non-stock fabrics are subject to availability and may require minimum quantities.

** At extra cost.

How to size your Anode Bags:

Baskets: Add the width and depth of basket then add 1-1/2” for fit/seam allowance. Then take the length dimension and add 3” for fit/seam allowance.
Example Anode bag to fit 2-1/2”x6”x30” basket 2.5”+6”+1.5”=10” finished width. 30”+3”=33” finished length. The basket requires a 10″x33″ finished bag size.

Ovals: add 2” to the width for fit/seam allowance and 3” to the length for fit/seam allowance.
Example Anode bag to fit3” Ovalx36” long 3+2=5” finished width. 36”+3” =39” finished length. The Oval requires a 5″x39″ finished bag size.

Slabs: add the Width and Depth of slab then add 1” for fit/seam allowance. Then take the length dimension and add 3” for fit/seam allowance.


  • 2-1/2” diameter requires a 5” finished width.
  • 3” diameter requires a 6” finished width.
  • Add to length 3” for finished length

Finished dimensions are simply the laid flat dimensions measured across the bag.

To Order anode bags you will need all 3 dimensions of the anode/basket and on what side will be open. If you are not certain what material you need. We will need to know what plating solution it will be used in. Then we can make a recommendation.

Anode Bag Installation tips.

Leaching is important and recommended on all anode bags. Today’s electroplating solutions are very exact and easily subject to upsets. While all our fabrics are to be free of all sizing. You have all the handling of the material and the thousands of feet of thread drawn through well oiled sewing machines. Needless to say we recommend all anode bags are leached prior to Installation. Leaching procedures vary with the material and the electroplating solution they are to be installed on. Always use a leaching solution that will not attack the bag material. Always use a leaching material that is compatible with the plating solution.

An example of a bright nickel bag installation would be soak bags in a 2.5 to 5% sulfuric acid solution with a little wetting agent added for 12-24 hours then rinse with DI water.

At the very least they should be laundered then rinsed with DI water prior to installation.

Consult your plating chemical supplier for a recommend leaching solution and procedures for your operation.

Care should be taken to avoid tearing or damage to the bags during installation.
To ensure that metal fines are kept within the electrical field of the basket, anode bags should be close-fitting and tied so all fines receive anodic current and can dissolve. There should be no ‘billowing’ of the anode bags, which would allow metal fines to fall outside the basket. They should be close-fitting around the basket.
Tie anode bags to the hooks of the basket -not to an unprotected anode rod. Otherwise, moistening of the ties could lead to contamination by anodic dissolution of copper ions into the solution. Double bagging can be desirable.
Anode bags should be removed from the baskets when they become so clogged that free movement of solution through them has become restricted.

It is recommended to use close-fitting anode bags and tie tightly, to prevent metal fines from falling outside the electrical field. Double bag if desired, and only tie the bag to the titanium anode hook, not to an unprotected copper anode rod.


MaterialDescription/PropertiesRecommended Usages
Cotton DuckHeavyweight natural cotton filter fabric. 10 oz weightAlkaline copper
Usually when used in nickel & acid copper it's double bagged with a polypropylene material.
Canton FlannelHeavyweight natural cotton fabric with napping on one side. Combines the filtration qualities of cotton with the depth retention of napping. 8 oz weightUsed as an alternative to the Duck where a higher degree of filtration is required.
Cotton SateenMedium weight natural cotton. Smooth white linen like feel & appearance.Used in cyanide copper, barrel nickel
9 oz PolyproMedium weight with good tensile strength smooth surface offers good filtration properties.WEIGHT: 9 oz/yd2THREAD COUNT: 42X26WEAVE: PLAINCFM: 15/25Used in most plating solutions. Acid zinc, nickel, nickel strikes, acid copper, copper strikes. Alkaline zinc, acid tin
8 oz PolyproLighter weight than the 9 oz this offers a better transfer from the anode.WEIGHT: 8 oz/yd2THREAD COUNT: 42X23WEAVE: PLAINCFM: 50/70Same as above but lighter with an open weave when you require less filtration.
12 oz PolyproHeavy weight excellent tensile strength. Good filtration properties and permeability.WEIGHT: 12 oz/yd2THREAD COUNT: 46X22WEAVE: PLAINCFM: 4-8Used in most acid plating solutions. Acid zinc, nickel, nickel strikes, acid copper, copper strikes.
13 oz Polypro nappedHeavy weight with a thick nap on one side. Provides excellent filtration proprieties, along with high wet strength.WEIGHT: 13 oz/yd2THREAD COUNT: 64X38WEAVE: SATEEN NAPPEDCFM: 10/20Our most popular material. Used in bright nickel, acid copper when you require excellentfiltration. For maximum filtration and retention it's double bagged with 9 oz. Polypro.
13 oz PolyproHeavyweight, excellent tensile strength. Good filtration properties.WEIGHT: 13 oz/yd2THREAD COUNT: 64×38WEAVE: SATEEN CFM: 10/20Used in most acid plating solutions. Acid zinc, nickel, nickel strikes, acid copper, copper strikes.
Light poly twillLint free woven polypropylene. Very smooth surface. Good filtration with excellent cake release.WEIGHT:4.4 oz/yd2THREAD COUNT:74×69 WEAVE:TWILL CFM:25-35Satin nickel, acid zinc nickel, tin-zinc alloy, zinc iron
Heavy poly twillHeavy weight, excellent tensile strength. Good filtration properties. Twill weave offers more durability.WEIGHT: 13 oz/yd2THREAD COUNT:46×2520-30 CFMUsed in most acid plating solutions. Acid zinc, nickel, nickel strikes, acid copper, copper strikes.
Mono-Filament Polypro100% Polypro Exceptional strength asmooth surface easy cake release.Stiff material with a monofilament thread.WEIGHT: 12MILTHREAD COUNT: 72X28WEAVE: 2/2TWILL 7CFM:Long lasting high resistance to most acids & alkalis. Used where most materials clog up.Reusable filter media, carbon/chemical addition bags, or as a reinforcement to weaker fabrics.
Polypropylene felt100% Polypropylene Non woven micron rated filter media. Glazed on side for better cake release. Usually stocked in 5 & 10 micron grades5 MICRON9.5-10.5 oz/yd2CFM 60-120075" THICKGLAZEDnickel, nickel strikes, acid copper, copper strikes.Air and liquid filters.
509 Nylon100% Nylon smooth surface relatively light weight. Good alkaline resistance.509 NYLON 200 DENIER
Good for most alkaline baths. Used in cyanide copper.

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