Quality, trouble-free filter systems built to meet the rugged needs of the plating industry.

Slim-Line Filter Systems are a positive method for continuous carbon treatment, removing all inorganic, as well as, organic impurities. Other impurities that affect the appearance of plated parts, including oil and grease, are also removed. High clarity of solution results. You achieve smoother deposits continually while maintaining overall operating efficiencies and eliminating unnecessary shut-downs and rejected parts.

Slim-Line Filter Systems can be custom designed to meet special applications or custom engineered to fit your plant process and configuration. For example, twin filter chambers will provide increased capacity. Options like the plate lifter make filter cleaning faster and easier; exterior rubber lining physically protects your system; A Power load monitor can continuously monitor the system and automatically discontinue operation when pump reaches above or below the optimum operating range. This safeguard eliminates both pump, cavitation and excessive wear across the seal faces & pump parts.

Maintain maximum solution clarity at lower unit cost.

The unique design of the Slim-Line Filter provides the highest flow rates per square foot of filter area with no loss of plating solution. More carbon and sludge are retained than required in most normal plating operations. Rinse water is kept contaminant-free. The Anode Products Slim-Lime Filter System is American-built with finest components. Every system is performance-tested and will provide years of trouble-free service. Parts are immediately available, in most instances shipped from stock.

Cleaner, brighter production plating without roughness.

With the Slim-Line System, telescoping discs float to the top of the Filtering Chamber, where they are picked out, turned over (allowing sludge to fall off) and replaced. Cleaning is simple. Adjacent areas are kept carbon and sludge-free. Maximum solution clarity means finer deposits, resulting in cleaner, brighter production plating without roughness.

With the optional plate lifter filter plates can be removed from the Chamber as a complete cartridge/stack for an even faster cleaner turn around.

What makes the Slim-Line Filter System of better quality than other plating filter systems?

Piping is high temp schedule 80 CPVC

Heavy duty Inno Mag TB-Mag magnetic driven pumps standard
1/4″ steel filter chamber is rubber lined coated with two-part epoxy paint
slurry tank is seamless molded polypropylene
filter plates are stress relieved to 265°F and machined to provide maximum flow
Systems are skid mounted on a corrosion resistant polypropylene/FRP I beam base plate.

Every system is performance-tested

How easy is it to clean the Slim-Line Filter?

Very! There is no need to drain the chamber as our filter plates float to the surface for quick removal. When used with our papers the filter cloth will last indefinitely. Filter papers permit instant disposal of cake and sludge to further simplify cleaning.

How will we save money with the Slim-Line Filter System?

  • Cleaning turnaround time as little as 30 minutes.
  • Cleaning procedures require only one person
  • Plating bath is kept clean and clear of contaminants so rejects are substantially reduced.
Filter ModelSLX 24-20SLX 24-30SLX 30-30SLX 36-30SLX 36-40
Overall Dimensions (Width)39"39"42"48"48"
Overall Dimensions (Length)76"76"86"96"96"
Overall Dimensions (Height)
Net Weight:1200#1300#1800#2100#2300#
Suction Port:2"2"3"3"4"
Discharge Port:2"2"3"3"3"
Max Open Flow Rate:4,5006,50012,00018,00030,000
Max Pre Coated Flow Rate:22.756,50010,00015,00025,000
Filter Area:4,50038.7557.2114148
Number of Filter Plates:22.7516 (22")16 (27")21 (33")27 (33")
Filter Aid Capacity: 3o/z sq ft10 (22")7.1#10.6#16.1#21.1#
Carbon Capacity: 1/2 oz sq ft1#1.25#1.75#2.6#3.5#
Filter Media:*(10) 20.5" Dia(16) 20.5" Dia(16) 25.5" Dia(21) 31.25" Dia(27) 31.25" Dia
* Number of media varies with micron rating