The Mobile LI’L GUY II

Features the proprietary Slim-Line horizontal disc plate filter system providing fine filtration and superior dirt holding capacity in an economical, compact mobile cart configuration. Ideal for jewelry & PC board plating.

You benefit with:

  • Instant mobility – maneuver over rough, uneven surfaces with ease, wherever filtration is necessary in your plant or shop. The space-saving, lightweight cart is equipped with large pneumatic tires and steering handle.
  • Corrosion-proof construction – LI’L GUY II Filter Systems are 99% CPVC to perform in the harshest chemical streams and high temperature operation. An enclosed compact case protects working parts from corrosive environments and spills.
  • Lower flow rate applications – models range from 750 GPH with 7.4 sq. ft. of filter area to 1,500 GPH at 14.3 sq. ft.
  • Economical system – this entire CPVC, horizontal disc plate filter is engineered to provide an excellent value. The unique design of the filter plates seal at the ID and OD of the filter media offers positive filtration. The stack of filter plates are a one piece assembly that is easily removed and reinstalled from the top of the filter chamber for fast, efficient cleaning. LI’L GUY II is complete and ready to filter.


Filter ModelLG. 10-20LG. 10-30LG. 10-36
Overall Dimensions (Width)34"34"34"
Overall Dimensions (Length)36"46"52"
Overall Dimensions (Height)
Net Weight:250325375
Shipping Weight:300375425
Suction Port:1"1"1"
Discharge Port:1"1"1"
Max Open Flow Rate:1500 GPH1500 GPH1750 GPH
Max Pre Coated Flow Rate:750 GPH1100 GPH1500 GPH
Filter Area:7.4 Sq. Ft11.5 Sq. Ft14.3 Sq. Ft
Sludge Capacity:
Assuming a filterable sludge
.14 cu ft
(243 cu in)
.21 cu ft
(378 cu in)
.27 cu ft
(450 cu in)
Number of Filter Plates:
9” Diameter
Maximum Operating
Filter Aid Capacity:
2.5 O/Z per Sq. Ft
Carbon Capacity:
.75 O/Z per Sq. Ft
Motor HP:.5.5.5
Filter Media:8-7/8” OD W/ 1-7/8”

8-7/8” OD W/ 1-7/8”
8-7/8” OD W/ 1-7/8”